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CRIS Tuition and Fees

August 2022 - June 2023

Once-off Payments: (All Grades)
Annual Payments:
*Some field trips might require additional payment.
Optional Payments:
*All amounts are quoted in Thai Baht.

Refund Policy:

Refunds will only be considered if the school is advised, in writing, of the student’s withdrawal at least 2 weeks in advance and provided the withdrawal takes place by no later than our mid-term break in April or October.


Refunds will only be calculated on tuition fees and meals.


Refunds not claimed within three months of withdrawal will be deemed as a donation to the school.

*Tuition fees are all inclusive and do not contain any hidden fees or restrictions.

Payment Schedule:


All fees are due and payable in full BEFORE the start of the semester.
An additional 5% discount will be granted against tuition if all fees are paid annually.


Late Enrollment:

A late enrollment discount of 25% will be applied to students who enroll after day 45 of the current semester. This 25% is only applicable to tuition and meals. The 45 day calculation refers to only academic days.

Sibling Discounts:

• The eldest child pays the full quoted fee.
• The second child will receive 10% discount against tuition fees.
• The third child will receive 15% discount against tuition fees.

Overdue Payments:


Overdue accounts incur a late penalty of 1.25% per month. This penalty is processed on the 7th of each month or the closest working day thereafter. NOTE: In case of overdue accounts, the school reserves the right to withhold school documents and transcripts and to take legal action. Overdue accounts could result in students forfeiting their position in the school at the start of the next semester.


Chiang Rai

International School

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