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When does the school term start?

Our school runs on the international calendar. The school year runs from August to June. The school year is divided into 4 terms.

What is a normal school day?

The academic school day begins at 7.45 and ends for Primary students at 3 pm. Secondary students are excused at 3.15 pm. The school campus is open to students Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Additionally, students are supervised during all extra-curricular activities.

What language do we speak at school?

English is the primary language used at CRIS, yet we have students from over ten difference nationalities, making CRIS is a very unique International School. While we accomodate the challenges faced by many of our students who speak English as a second language, we take every opportunity to encourage English to be spoken both inside and outside the classroom.

What about Monday morning service? Who should attend?

All students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 are required to attend a Christian service which is held weekly in the auditorium.

What are Extracurricular Activities (ECAs)? When and how much do they cost?

ECAs are activities outside of the regular curriculum designed to enhance students' learning and personal development. The activities are held after school from 15:00–17:00, and are run by faculty members or specialty teachers from outside the school. The costs are typically between 200 and 300 THB per day depending on the activity or class.

What is English Language Development (ELD)? Who needs to study ELD?

ELD is designed to address the individual language needs of each student as determined in their initial and ongoing assessments. At CRIS, we recognize the importance of students who speak English as a Second Language acquiring optimal fluency in order to maximize the benefits of an international curriculum delivered in English.

To this end, our students will be assessed at the time of admission and thereafter on a regular basis to monitor their abilities in speaking, listening, reading and writing. If a student has not yet attained the English skills necessary for his or her grade level, they will be required to enter our ELD Program.

This program will consist of specialized intensive classes, according to the student’s grade level and need for ELD, in place of some or all of the core subjects until such time as the student is fully equipped to join the full mainstream program.

When are swimming classes held, and what should students bring for these classes?

The swimming class will be included as part of PE class. Students should come to school in their PE uniforms and change into their swimming suits in the designated changing rooms. They should also bring goggles, a towel, sunblock, shampoo and shower gel.

  • Girls should wear a regular swimsuit, though they may wear a T-Shirt over the top. For girls who have long hair, swimming caps are advised.

  • Boys can wear swimming trunks or longer shorts, but shorts should not be below the knee.

If your student cannot join swimming classes for some reason, we politely ask that you write a short note excusing the student.

What about food?

We have a wonderful selection of international food cooked by a team of top chefs. Our fruit and salad bars provide healthy options as well. We can cater for specific dietary requirements (e.g. halal or vegetarian). We also provide break time snacks cooked in our bakery. Boarding students are provided with 3 meals a day.


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