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1. All new applicants will need to attend a short interview followed by an entrance assessment. 

2. Depending on the grade applied for, the assessment evaluation is used to confirm school readiness, English proficiency, Math and Science skills and correct grade placement. 


3. Once the entrance evaluation has been passed and after reviewing the required supporting documents an offer of enrollment could be made. 

4. The interview and assessment for Grade 1 to 12 students can be conducted on our campus in Chiang Rai or online. Kindergarten 1, 2 and 3 applicants can only be assessed on campus.

5. Once we receive your electronic or filled in application form, we reserve an appointment slot for an admission evaluation.

6. One of our amazing admissions team members will be in touch to confirm a date and time for the evaluation. Please be advised that there is a 5,000 Baht evaluation fee that will become due for payment before the evaluation. 

7. If you have any admissions queries please email us at:


Chiang Rai

International School

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