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A Great Place to Stay


There is one boarding house on campus that is divided into two halves; one for the boys and one for the girls.

It provides each boarding student with the highest quality boarding experience possible. Younger students learn from and aspire to be like the older students that they live with and, in return, older students gain genuine responsibility for all of the boarders in their House, especially the younger ones. House values are based on traditional family values, where everyone shares a common goal and everyone looks after each other. Also, when a boarding student joins the school, they know where they will live for the rest of their time at CRIS, providing each student with security and stability.


Most boarders will share a twin room. House Parents will pair up new students with a suitable roommate and room changes can be looked at once friendship groups have become more established. All rooms are spacious with modern furniture and air conditioning units. In each room there will be:

  • A bed with mattress

  • A side unit with lamp

  • A desk with chair

  • A locker with hanging space and lockable drawers

  • A storage unit, ideal for books and personal items

  • An air conditioning unit

Both houses have excellent spaces and communal areas. There are large well-equipped kitchens, fitness areas, TV and social areas, plus drying areas for clothes and equipment. Food is not allowed in rooms.

New students will go through a thorough induction program and be paired up with an experienced student mentor to whom he/she may go to with any questions or issues. This mentor student or ‘buddy’ will be a reliable and caring boarder who will be able to set a good example and who will have a genuine interest in helping new students to settle in. In addition, every boarder is part of a small family of boarders, headed up by at least one senior student and containing a range of ages. These families support each other and it’s not long before new boarders are not new anymore and they in turn support someone else.

Boarding can present some emotional difficulties for some new students and their families, especially during the first few weeks. We hope that new boarders will feel able to talk to us about any homesickness that may occur so that we can share our experience of it and do our very best to comfort and support boarders through it. In short, there is always someone on hand to talk to and help you, no matter how big or small the issue is.



Boarders are expected to maintain tidiness, cleanliness and order throughout the house and particularly with regards to their own personal spaces. Beds should be made, clothes hung up or stored correctly, personal items put away and floors left clear to assist housekeeping staff. Whilst housekeepers pay particular attention to cleanliness and hygiene, boarders are expected to be able to organize their belongings thoughtfully in readiness for the school program. Room inspections take place on a regular basis. Restrictions are placed on students who continuously fail to respect the relevant house standards with regards to room tidiness.

House Security

The Boarding Houses are all secure and can only be accessed by students and staff via a fingerprint scanner. It is important that boarders do not keep large sums of money on their person, or in their rooms and everyone is encouraged to observe common sense security measures. All property and personal items should be respected. Boarders are expected to safeguard their own personal items and not take items that do not belong to them without asking.

The boarding campus is very secure and the safety of the boarders is enhanced by the following:

  • There is 24-hr security personel that man the gates and conduct patrols around the campus.

  • There are both internal and external security cameras situated around the boarding campus.

  • Adults entering the campus are required to pass by security and show an I.D. badge. All adults are signed in and out of the campus.

  • Both Houses have a fingerprint scanner to gain access to their respective front door.


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