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CRIS Admission Process

Thank you for your time and your interest in CRIS. Our Admission Procedure is as follows:

Step 1

Please fill in the Applicant Testing Request by clicking the link below. We will schedule the pre-interview through the SKYPE ID that you provided in the Applicant Testing Request Form.

Step 2

The Admission test will be scheduled if the Skype interview is successful. (Please understand that the Skype interview is only one part of the admission process, and doesn’t necessarily mean you will be accepted to CRIS) After successful completion of the Skype test, we will send you a full application with the documents required. After we receive all necessary documents, we will schedule the next stage of the Admission tests.

Step 3

The student will undergo Admissions tests at CRIS to determine their suitability to join our school.

Step 4

If the results of the tests are acceptable, an interview with the Head of department or Head of school will be scheduled.

Step 5

The final decision will be made within 5 working days.


Chiang Rai

International School

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